Samantha’s essays on parenting and relationships have appeared in a number of publications. She blends anecdotes with humor and insight, drawing on her own experiences to create a kind of thinking art, reflecting this often ridiculous and ever joyful life.

The Washington Post:

I’m a Mom, But Sometimes My Mother Still Knows What’s Best / This Summer, My Kids Are Going to Mom Camp / The Search for Post-Baby Identity / Becoming Me, Through Heartache / When the Youngest Child Becomes the Middle Child / When One Parent Travels / Bringing on the Babysitters / I’m a Mom, the PTA President, and Pro Legalization / The Transgender Quandary That Wasn’t / My Husband and I Had No Time for Each Other, So We Created It / Letting Imagination Win / When Sisters Become Mothers

The Village Life Series for the Washington Post:

The New York Times:

The Truck That Sparked Our Marriage Back to Life

Huffington Post:

Saying Yes to Animals, as Long as They’re Not Ours

Motherwell Magazine:

At the End of A Family’s Difficult Year: Gratitude

Quail Bell Magazine:

For Something of Summer


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