Breeding Empathy, and Activism

In 1989 when I was twelve years old, my mother took my brother, my sister, and me to the March for Women’s Lives in Washington, DC. People stomped around peacefully but angrily on our hometown Mall, its symbol of political liberty suddenly visceral. There were a handful of counter protests, of course. One woman with... Continue Reading →


Hi, From Our Bloody Shit Storm!

I just found an old email that I wrote in response to one with the subject line: "Hi From the Amalfi Coast!" that my retired, world-traveling parents had sent me from...the actual Amalfi Coast. This reminds me of what it's like to be raising kids while the rest of the world is out there living it... Continue Reading →

Struggling, for the Win

“I feel awful!” my nine-year old daughter wailed, throwing herself on the kitchen floor like a dishrag. “Please don’t make me go to school!” Her ailments grew more elaborate each morning that week. “I’m like a woodland spring in a drought!” “I’m a fairy stuck in a flower that won’t bloom!” Then, I found a... Continue Reading →

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