FullSizeRender (29)Samantha Shanley writes essays, short stories, long-winded emails, and copy for a variety of clients. She is a writing coach for high school and college students as well as PhD candidates. She is also a single, divorced mom, and now that she is no longer recovering from having children, she is figuring out how to raise those children and continue her own growth without losing herself in the tedium of packing lunches and putting socks on.

Back when she wore office attire every day, she worked with survivors of domestic abuse in Boston and South Central L.A., edited for an international public health organization, and taught hygiene and nutrition in developing countries. After earning her MFA in Creative Writing, she also taught writing and critical thinking to reluctant, overwhelmed, and horny first-year college students. She has lived all over the world, including a four-year stint as an expat in Germany and extended journeys into Nepal, Ecuador, and Peru. She speaks four languages as well as bits of Nepalese and Tibetan. She doesn’t need any of these in her daily life anymore, except when she’s talking to herself, which her sons say she does a lot. (Her daughter, whose nose is always in a book, hasn’t noticed.)

Most mornings, Samantha is working on her writing while drinking a pot of coffee somewhere in New England, and as much as she’d like it to be in Vermont every day, it’s not (yet). She thinks global warming sucks for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that ski season will never begin in July. She tries to practice Chi running without falling over, which often doesn’t work (just look at her knees). She is always training for some race that she may or may not start, depending on who was up puking all night or whether she left her shoes sitting on the counter instead of taking them with her.

She moves through life with a touch of synesthesia, a nagging travel itch, a lovely blend of family and friends, and three kids who remind her, gleefully, how imperfect she is, every day.

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