Happy Goddamned Invisible Labor Day to the Basic White Man Next Door

Hey, man. Happy End of Summer! I know—I’m a mom, so you’re wondering out loud what on earth I did with all that time, months of it, without anyone’s homework to do. My kids even went to sleep-away camp, so I was all alone for a spell. You, with your consulting job and your no... Continue Reading →

Change Is Just A Matter of Time

When one pocket-sized thing in our emotional ecosystem starts to change, everything else must grow with it, too.

Less Internet, More Books

I had big plans to spend my residency writing and reading books, but I wrote so much of my own work and sororitized so much with other writers (for they were mostly women), coloring in the lines of time so completely that I didn't even finish one damn book. NOT ONE. I did, however, pick... Continue Reading →

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